– Board of Trustees named Aramark as their new vendor

– GRAZERS and Fresco added to hub and every dining hall to be renovated. A full-service Panera is being added along the Esplanade, as well a full-service Starbucks in the library.
– Eastway’s dining hall will be renamed “Eastway Court Fresh Food Company.” The dining hall in Prentice will be renamed “Nourish’d,” while the market will be renamed “Sprout’d.” Kent Market 2 will be changed to “The Esplanade Market Center,” which will be an open-kitchen dining area. Rosie’s will be moved to the second floor of the student center.
– The contract will take effect on June 1, and will be a one-time investment that will cost approximately $22.7 million, $2.4 million of which will go back to the University in the first year to support “the student experience.”
– All campuses will share one meal plan.
– No Kent State dining employees will lose their job because of the switch-over.
– New touch-screen Pepsi dispensers on campus.
– New Gatorade experience on campus and athletic events.