Perspectives: Winter takes a pause

Clouds reflect off of the Cuyahoga River as a man fishes into on Feb. 24, 2017. The temperature reached into the seventies, unusually warm for February in Ohio.

Clint Datchuk

Let’s face the reality of our circumstances as residents of planet Earth. The concept of seasons is dead. There’s only weather now, and it is decided on a day-by-day, need-to-know basis.

The average high temperature in Kent, Ohio last week was 62.5 degrees, according to AccuWeather.

Compare this to the historical average high temperature of 37 degrees. With this as proof, it’s safe to say that global warming is real — despite the dramatic protestations of certain members of our federal and state governments.

How else would we have springtime in the middle of winter?

We are currently living in the golden age of global warming. It’s a time where we can be surprised with a week of plentiful sunshine and warm breezes sandwiched between two weeks of frigid cold and frequent, unforgiving snowfall.

It’s getting harder to doubt the science behind climate change as unseasonable weather becomes more and more the norm.

But hey — let’s enjoy it while it lasts, right?  

Clint Datchuk is the photo director, contact him at [email protected].