Students invited to attend dean of students finalists open forum

Henry Palattella

The Division of Student Affairs announced via email to the student body on Tuesday that they will be holding an open forum with the three candidates for dean of students. 

The forums will be this week from 5 to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with a different candidate attending the forum each day.

The new dean of students will come into office with a primary focus on “serving an engaged and diverse student population, enhancing the co-curricular student experience and providing leadership to institutional efforts aimed at transforming lives of students while complementing the academic mission,” Vice President of Student Affairs Shay Little wrote.

James Hintz, the director of Leadership and Professional Development Initiative at Purdue University and assistant to the vice provost for student life, will start off the forum on Tuesday.

Michael Shutt, senior director for Community at Emory University, will be at the forum on Wednesday.

Lamar Hylton, assistant vice provost for student life at University of Minnesota, will close the last forum on Thursday.

The forums will be held on the second floor of the Student Center, in the Westfield Insurance Campus Tour Center, room 204.

Henry Palattella is an administration reporter, contact him at [email protected].