Students consider off-campus living for Fall 2017

Kennedy Caldwell

At The Province apartment complex, sending out email blasts and using garden signs are among the many ways advertising is used to gain tenants during leasing months.

Starting in October, The Province’s management team sends out daily emails and posts about three times a week to social media accounts in hopes of resigning leases with current residents.

With only 100 units left for lease this month, The Province is using social media and email communication to connect with students to fill those units.

Although renewing and signing new leases are important to The Province, management said they encourage students to tour all of their options and make wise decisions from that point.

“A student’s happiness is most important to us. We read reviews online and act on them, and we can ensure that students feel prioritized here,” said Penny Rossi, leasing and marketing manager at The Province.

Rossi said Province offers special amenities including free tanning and gym access, 24/7 maintenance and on-call assistance for emergencies to make sure residents feel happy and comfortable. She also said Province is an ideal location for students.

“Our location is what makes us unique. We are steps away from campus and a few miles away from downtown,” Rossi said.

For tenants like Holli Phillips, a junior public relations student, finding a place with a good location was important.

“I really didn’t want to pay for a parking pass, so finding a place as close to campus as I did was exciting,” said Phillips.

Leasing for the first time is a new milestone in most students’ lives. Whether a tenant is renewing, leasing for the first time or switching from one place to another, and Rossi said finding a place that meets the student’s needs is important.

Kent State offers an off-campus housing handbook for students who plan to move to a new place, which includes legal advice as well as trips and tricks to keep in mind when relocating.