The Center for Student Involvement to host commuter appreciation event

Kennedy Caldwell

The Center for Student Involvement kicks off their annual Commuter Appreciation Week Monday Feb. 20.

The event focuses on getting commuter students to participate in on-campus activities and showing them they are appreciated for being a part of the Kent State community.

Alexis Chukanye, a sophomore pre-nursing major at Kent State’s Geauga campus, said she plans to drive from Cleveland to Kent to attend the event.

“I’m attending this event because I think involvement in my school is important,” Chukanye said. “I go to a regional campus, so getting the chance to visit main campus for this awesome event is really rewarding.”

The Center for Student Involvement encourages all students, commuter or not, to attend the event as a way to meet new people and to get acclimated to life on campus.

For students like Isaiah Barnett, a sophomore fashion merchandising student and commuter, participating in activities outside of the classroom is a great way to relax and become a part of the on-campus atmosphere.

“Anytime I can be a part of something fun on campus, I’m there,” Barnett said. “I think it’s pretty cool that commuter students are shown recognition because sometimes people forget that not everyone lives on campus.”

The event is free for all students and will be located in the Nest on the second floor of the Student Center. It begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 10:30 a.m. Monday through Thursday, Feb. 23.

There will be games, food and prizes for students in attendance.

Kennedy Caldwell is the commuters and apartment life reporter, contact her at [email protected].