Tri-Rec officially opens

Nicholas Hunter

Kent State’s new Tri-Towers Recreation Center officially opened Tuesday afternoon.

Located on the second floor of the Rotunda in the Tri-Towers complex, the brand new workout and exercise facility was already packed with people and teeming with energy.

As upbeat music harmonized with the clang of machines, freshman zoology major Erin Walters was lifting free weights on an inclined bench.

“I think it’s really nice,” Walters said. “It’s more convenient than having to walk over to the actual Rec.”

Freshman visual communication design major Taylor Donovan said she sees the Tri-Rec as a more convenient option, as well.

“It’s easier access and this semester, I’m trying to get out to the Rec every day if I can,” she said.

Walters also sees the Tri-Rec as a less intimidating option.

“I think it being smaller, it won’t be as crowded,” Walters said.

According to Recreational Services, the Tri-Rec is exclusive to on-campus students and has over 70 new workout machines, as well as free weights available to use.

Area specific and holiday hours for all of the Tri-Rec facilities can be found at

Nicholas Hunter is a general assignment reporter, contact him at [email protected].