Ravenna homicide suspect to be tried for charges


David Darnell Calhoun, Jr.

Jenna Kuczkowski

An Akron man was arrested Saturday in Steubenville after allegedly shooting two individuals in Ravenna on Nov. 30.

The Portage County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of 25-year-old David Darnell Calhoun, Jr., in a press release Saturday.

Calhoun was allegedly involved in the shooting death of 33-year-old LeShaun Sanders and 32-year-old Sarah Marsh, who was 10 months pregnant at the time.

A press conference was held Monday morning to discuss details of the arrest and Calhoun’s future.

At the moment, Calhoun has only been officially charged with one count of aggravated murder and an unclassified felony. More charges will likely follow, according to Portage County Sheriff David Doak, during the conference.

Calhoun was arrested in a vacant home in Steubenville with a team effort of the U.S. Marshal Service and the Steubenville Police Department, according to Doak.

“This has probably been one of the more intense manhunts that I’ve been involved in during my career,” Doak said.

Calhoun was taken into custody without incident after officers found him hiding out in an upstairs closet of the vacant residence where, he had been staying for the prior two days according to Doak.

U.S. Marshal Brian Fitzgibbon said that after officers confronted Calhoun, he complied and  was taken into custody.

“We tracked this individual daily,” said U.S Marshal Peter Elliott. “Now, he’s in custody and I don’t ever expect him to get out of jail.”

Calhoun was originally being held in the Steubenville jail but is now currently in the Portage County jail.

Fitzgibbon said that Calhoun’s arrest was made possible after receiving various tips on his where abouts, as well as the dedication of  law officers.

“Countless tips from the public came through and put together a rope of all these strings, basically from Ravenna, all the way to Steubenville,” Elliott said. “That’s what really made a difference in this case.”

As of Monday, officers do not know why the suspect fled to Steubenville or if he had other help hiding from law enforcement.

Investigators declined to disclose information about the relationship between Calhoun and the victims due to the ongoing investigation.

However, police say that spill over from an old argument between Calhoun and the victims could have played a role in the assaults.

Police said that Calhoun had tried to conceal his identity by shaving off his long dreadlocks. He was found with a shaved head.

Calhoun previously served a five-year sentence for armed robbery, according to court records. He was released last April and was on parole for robbery, as well as possession of drugs.

Calhoun’s arraignment was scheduled for Monday afternoon. Follow KentWired for updates.

Jenna Juczkowski is the general assignment editor, contact her at [email protected].