Kent State offers Campus Kitchen as food stamps alternative

Campus Kitchen

Campus Kitchen

Emily Mays Reporter

As COVID-19 continues to impact students, they face more insecurity with food and other goods than ever before. 

For students who are facing food insecurity or cannot afford to keep food on the table, Kent State has implemented Campus Kitchen to serve those students in need. 

“Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [SNAP] is not easily accessible to college students with low incomes, despite high levels of need, and they are increasingly likely to be food insecure,” wrote Ashley Burnside.

Students who wish to obtain food assistance have to meet strict criteria, which makes it harder to get. As the result of the new bill that was passed in early 2021, those requirements have been relaxed, making it more easily attainable.

Kent State does not use food stamps or the benefits of SNAP because they promote the Campus Kitchen and the Women’s Center pantry, according to Kent State Dining Services.

Campus Kitchen of Kent State University is a student led organization that provides food for students and operates out of Tri-Towers.

“We also collaborate with the Center for Nutrition Outreach at Kent to provide fresh food for the Mighty Pack Program and have a weekly presence at the Haymaker Farmers’ Market. Finally, CKKSU delivers fresh food to the Office of the Dean of Students satellite pantry on Fridays,” according to the Campus Kitchen.  

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