USG passes resolution to provide feminine products on campus

Dana Miller

Kent State’s Undergraduate Student Government passed a resolution on Tuesday to support the selling of feminine products on campus through the funds of FlashCards and traditional payment methods.

In a previous KentWired article, it was mentioned that a total of 3,900 students are in need of immediate access of products such as pads and tampons, however they were not easily accessible on campus.

In USG’s news release, it recognized that the 60 percent of females who make up the student body would have to travel unnecessary distances in order to obtain such products — which are for their general health.

Cassaundra Pegg-Kirby, the assistant director of Kent State’s Women’s Center, recently said that she agreed feminine hygiene products should be sold on campus.

According to a study conducted by the Huffington Post, almost 70 percent of all women using feminine hygiene products during their monthly cycles spend approximately $1,773 on tampons during their lifetime.

Peggy-Kirby also said she hopes that the university will work to distribute free products to those with and without meal plans.
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