Opinion: Trump’s personal ambitions may sink the ship

Ty Sugick

Ty Sugick

Ty Sugick

Presidential-elect Donald Trump has plenty of qualities people should admire; his drive and work ethic could never be questioned. However, his greed and unapologetic manner are a different story.

Trump’s mentality is similar to a battering ram; He will knock over any obstacle in his way to achieve his personal ambitions. The problem with that is that the affairs of the president have no room for personal ambition.

The best example of Trump’s personal ambition becoming a major flaw would have to be his role in the destruction of the United States Football League.

The USFL only lasted three seasons (1983-1986) before folding, and that fold was highly accredited to the greed and aggressive nature of Trump. Although the president-elect did not have a presence in the league in the first season, he appeared in the league during the second season.

The USFL as a league was a smashing success. TV viewership and attendance were much higher than projected.

Trump had a major problem with the league playing in the spring. He fought to have the league play in the fall and compete with the NFL, secretly in hopes of a merger between the two leagues. It was apparently always Trump’s dream to own an NFL franchise, but the NFL did not want him. For Trump, the USFL was the next best thing.

Using his wealth as his core tool, Trump quickly dominated the league and used his power to sue the NFL’s monopoly in order to allow the USFL television rights to play during the fall.

Trump completely ignored other owners’ voices, as they felt his decision to want to move the league to the fall was premature and that the league should establish itself before making that leap.

Trump’s case against the NFL would go on to win in court, so he marked that down as a personal victory. But the outcome was extremely hazardous to the league: The settlement only awarded the owners a check for less than $4 with over $6 million in court costs on the table.

The final verdict left Trump a winner (which he always claims to be), but the USFL would fold in the weeks to follow. The league wouldn’t see another game.

Famous actor Burt Reynolds, also a USFL team owner, stated about Donald Trump regarding the USFL in an ESPN special that “his personal ambitions were what sunk the league.”

Trump didn’t apologize or take credit for the demise of the league; he took what was left of his money and moved on. Trump couldn’t care less about the people he put out of work. He only cares about his selfish ambition.

Not only will Trump have the ability to risk the fortune of others, he will also hold the power to risk lives with military and international affairs.

It only took two years for Trump to harm fellow USFL owners and drive a thriving league into the ground. That same man now will now have four years to run a country.

Ty Sugick is a columnist, contact him at [email protected].