Residence Services offers winter break housing


Keondra Wright, a freshman theater studies major, packs clothes in preparation for winter break in December 2015.

Rachel Stevenson

Priority applications for on-campus winter break housing at Kent State are open until Dec. 1, and Residence Services encourages students living on campus to apply.

“A lot of students either can’t or don’t want to go home for break, so we offer break housing for students that either want to or need to be in Kent,” said Daniel Shonk, assistant director of Residence Services.

Students pay a nightly fee of $35 to stay in designated winter break housing locations that include Beall Hall, McDowell Hall, Tri-Towers, Clark Hall, Centennial Court C, Centennial Court D and Engleman Hall.

“It’s cheaper than hotel rates, so for students that need a place to stay it’s affordable,” Shonk said.

Shonk said, on average, 80 to 100 students apply each year for winter break housing. Of those students, between 40 to 50 stay on campus for the entire break.

“It’s usually our out-of-state students (and) our international students,” Shonk said. “Sometimes the different athletic teams need to be here, too or a student that has a job in the nearby community.”

Shonk said although he has never had to deny a student winter break housing, he wants to remind students it is not guaranteed.

“If we have a larger demand than available vacant space in the break buildings, we may have to turn students away,” he said. “If someone thinks they are going to need break housing, the earlier they can sign up, the better.”

Students interested in applying must currently live on campus and have a housing contract for both fall and spring semesters.

Shonk said students can still apply for break housing after the priority deadline, and students who apply and are accepted will receive room assignments before residence halls close on Friday, Dec. 16 at 7 p.m.

Rachel Stevenson is the residence services reporter, contact her at [email protected].