Flier suggesting racist comments causes university to react

A flier titled ‘Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men’ pertaining to racist propaganda was allegedly posted on a door near Kent State’s Center for the Visual Arts building on campus.

Brandon Morton, a senior philosophy major, said another concerned student had sent a photo of the sign to him.

He later posted the picture to Twitter, causing the university and students to react.

Topics of the flier mentioned that African-American men are more likely to be abusive, more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases, and that African-American men should be avoided all together.

According to Morton, this isn’t the first act of racism he has seen on Kent State’s main campus.

“(The flier) adds to the list of (uncomfortableness) on this campus, where I’ve experienced racism, profiling and micro agression since my freshman year,” Morton said.

Accompanying a part of the flier were stories of abusive relationships reported in the past.

Eric Mansfield, executive director of university media relations, said the university is investigating the posting of the flier.

“We find its content repugnant, rooted in a backbone of hate and not in keeping with our core values,” Mansfield wrote in an official statement. “Disrespectful treatment of one another has no place in our caring community. We stand united as a campus community that defies messages of hate while embracing inclusion and diversity.”

According to The Washington Post, a series of other universities, such as the University of Michigan and Southern Methodist University, have seen this flier on their campus too.

Todd Diacon, provost and senior vice president of academic affairs, wrote in an email sent out to the university faculty that should any other fliers be seen around campus, they should contact the campus police.

Kent State is looking for more knowledge on the incident.

India Said and Cameron Gorman are diversity reporters, contact them at [email protected] and [email protected]