Local coffee shops brew seasonal drinks

Nathaniel Harvey

Two local Kent coffee shops, Scribbles Coffee Company and Tree City Coffee and Pastry, see an increase in sales come fall and seasonal drinks.

“Fall is the busiest time of year for us. We really focus on quality drinks that you can’t get just anywhere,” said Jennifer Richards, co-owner of Scribbles Coffee Company.

The cooler weather tends to bring in more students with the lure of warm drinks.

“There is always an increase in the fall,” said Lauren Heroux, general manager of Tree City Coffee and Pastry. “Not just because of the specials, but because of the return of the students as well as change in the weather,”.

Alyse Nelson, sophomore photo illustration major, gave her input on when the fall drinks come around to the local coffee shops.

“I find myself going to coffee shops more in the fall,” Nelson said. “I prefer to get my flavored coffee beverage at Scribbles or Starbucks.”

Both Scribbles and Tree City Coffee and Pastry offer a wide variety of fall drinks.

“Fall drinks specifically would include the pumpkin latte, pumpkin pie junior bolt, apple pie junior bolt and steamed caramel apple cider,” Richards said.

At Tree City, there are even fall drinks for those that are 21 and over.

“Generally we have four or five specials for any given season. Our current lineup is Pumpkin Spice Latte, Maple Macchiato, Midnight Mocha and Apple-Pumpkin Chai,” Heroux said. “And for those 21 and over, we have he Washington Mule and Rum Chata Float.”

According to Heroux, the Washington Mule is similar to the Moscow Mule (a mix between apple vodka and ginger beer), but with a fall kick.

“Pumpkin is my favorite fall drink,” Nelson said. “I like (pumpkin flavors) a lot because it’s warm and it screams fall. It’s not popular any time of the year, so it makes it extra special when coffee places bring it back onto the menu.”

Nathaniel Harvey is the activities reporter, contact him at [email protected].