Kent State honors tops 1 percent of on-campus students

Keisha Burley

The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is an organization that consists of the top academic 1 percent of students in the residence halls on Kent State’s campus.

Each NRHH chapter has its own unique chapter title, and as a tribute to the unofficial Kent State mascot, the title is the Black Squirrel Chapter.

NRHH operates on four pillars: leadership, service, scholastics and recognition. But aside from these requirements, there are other things to be considered when thinking of becoming a part of this group.

Marisa Stephens, a senior managerial marketing major and president of Kent State’s NRHH, said she believes being a part of NRHH means wanting to make a difference on campus.

“Being a part of NRHH, to me, means being a part of something that is helping to make our campus a better place,” Stephens said. “It means being able to make a difference.”

Along with being able to actively make a positive impact on the on-campus community, Stephens has found that this organization has helped strengthen her personal life, as well.

“My family is so proud of me, and I have met a lot of my life long best friends through this organization,” Stephens said. “And for that, I am very thankful.”

Whether holding a high position in the organization or simply being a member, each person associated with NRHH takes something different from the experience.

Andrew Ledley, a sophomore integrated social studies major, spoke about the most rewarding part of NRHH for him.

“The most rewarding part is easily the positive impacts I have been able to be a part of,” Ledley said. “Whether it’s volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Akron or helping out at the Akron Boys & Girls Club, I know and can see the positive effects of the work I am doing in the smile of those who I’ve impacted positively.”

Both Stephens and Ledley encourage students who are living on campus to look into what it takes to become a part of NRHH and to reach out if they would like to take part in some of the volunteer opportunities NRHH provides.

Keisha Burley is the student life reporter, contact her at [email protected].