Suspicious phishing for passwords

Gabrielle Harrison

On Tuesday, an email was sent out to the entire Kent State community warning them of a phishing scam.

“I probably would’ve fallen for it had it not been for the email,” said Abby Maloney-Monz, a freshman human development and family studies major.

The emails are coming in disguised as other university emails about heightening membership awareness, or as a FlashLine email telling students to protect their password. The emails are prompting students to login, which they are urged by Kent State officials not to do.

The email provided screenshots of a phishing email and pointing out the parts of the emails students should be on the lookout for, such as generic signatures and greetings.

“It’s nice to know that they want to help us out and not keep it to themselves,” said Savannah Beverly, a freshman zoology major.

It also told students to check the web address in the browser should they click the link in the phishing email. Other tips given to students point out a possible phishing email is a link that looks suspicious such and one that simple say “click here” or “continue to survey here.”

“It’s good to put the tips out there,” said Caroline Lutz, a senior communications major. “If they (students) were uneducated before, now they know.”

The Kent State Office of Security and Access Management also provided a link to an archive to previous phishing emails. There are also tips on how to detect if an email is legit such as sending it to the Office of Security and Access Management for them to check for legitimacy.

Students are also urged to contact the Office of Security and Access Management if they believe an email they’ve gotten is a phishing attempt.

Gabrielle Harrison is the technology reporter, contact her at [email protected].