Portage County groups organize events for 2016’s final presidential debate

Jarett Theberge

Organizers of Portage County are getting ready for tonight’s third and final presidential debate after what has been an eventful and interesting election season. 

Both the Portage County Democrats and Portage County Republicans will be holding watch parties for the debate right here in Kent. You can catch the Democrats at Mad Cat Brewing from 8pm to 10:30 or join the Republicans at Beef O’Brady’s for a social hour 8pm to 9pm before the debate kicks off.         

On campus political organizations will also be hosting watch parties for the debate. Undergraduate Student Government (USG), along with both Campus Democrats and Campus Republicans will hold their viewing in Bowman Hall, room 133 at 9pm.

The debate, however, will not be the culminating event for some of these organizers. Bill Burkhart from the Portage County Democrats said they will be “building up for the next 3 weeks” passing out signs and keeping their office open during the weekends 10am to 4pm.

As for on campus outreach, the Campus Democrats will continue to work with Ohio Together, Hillary Clinton’s Ohio campaign, encouraging students to find their polling locations and going out to vote. The Campus Republicans were unable to comment about their plans for the remainder of the election at this time.