Community Clothing Center temporarily allows two visits in a month for free clothing

Volunteers organizing clothing at the Community Clothing Center.

Volunteers organizing clothing at the Community Clothing Center.

Anthony Elder

Beginning in February, the Community Clothing Center in Ravenna increased the number of times people can visit to twice per month. The center provides free clothing and household items. Donations to the center vary, and normally patrons are allowed only one monthly visit. 

The center may continue to allow two visits in future months, but it is currently unannounced. 

To “shop” at the center, patrons must provide photo ID as well as follow COVID-safe procedures — wearing a mask, having their temperature taken and social distancing. 

According to the center’s website it serves over 3,000 individuals and families every month. It claims that this leads to 215 tons of clothing being diverted from landfills each year.

The center receives clothing — as well as household items and appliances — by donation. 

According to Shari Humm, the board director for the center, donations are currently limited to two large bags of items per person due to the pandemic. In order to donate, an appointment needs to be scheduled by calling the center. Their number is available on their website.

Participation in donating varies from day to day.

“Yesterday when we were collecting we only filled two bags,” Humm said. “Other days it might be eight.”

The center is open every Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., and every third Tuesday from 5 to 7 p.m.

People can follow the Community Clothing Center Facebook page for more frequent updates.

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