BUS annual comedy show brings laughs to end Homecoming Week

India Said

Kent State students and alumni gathered into the Student Center Ballroom Saturday night for a series of laughs from the Black United Student’s annual Comedy Show.

Ms. B Phlat, best known for her low voice, remixes to popular songs and high-energy during her stand-ups, headlined the comedy show.

Phlat has been featured on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam Showtime’s Comics Without Borders, and STARZ Channel’s Martin Lawrence Presents the 1st Amendment Comedy Show, according to her personal website.

Phlat entered the stage dancing to the song, “I Look Good” by Charlie Boy.

Montria Walker, a sophomore theatre studies major, opened the show this year with a singing performance in memory of a close friend who took their own life over the summer. The performance was in honor of suicide prevention month.

She then proceeded to perform an upbeat song to brighten the mood of the crowd.

Anthony “Chico” Bean, mostly known for his appearance on Wild ‘N Out, a comedy show that airs on MTV, was the MC and first performer of the show.

During his set, He made jokes about homecoming season and being broke in college. He also took the time to recognize and thank the African-American community that came out and supported the show, as well as the multicultural sororities and fraternities.

Karlous Miller, another Wild ‘N Out performer, was next to take the stage. During his set, he spoke about the many women he has come across through the years.

As Miller finished up his last joke, he rushed off the stage and handed the mic over to Phlat.

“You ever listen to a certain song when you know you look good?” Phlat said as she danced onto the stage.

Phlat jumped right in and begun telling jokes about “getting it on” in college.

“Everyone doing what they gotta do — you do you,” Phlat said. “I know what I came to do, get my groove on and study.”

Many of her jokes related back to when she was in college. Phlat mentioned how hygiene changes when a student is off to college.

Those same rules one uses in college, are usually what they take into the real world, Phlat said.

“You just learn different hygiene when you get to school, believe me,” Phlat said. “That public toilet [stuff] ain’t nothing to play with.”

During her set, she performed remixes to popular songs to make fun of the way music is made today, such as “The Long Song,” and “Keep Your Kids in the Car.”

Ending her set, she stressed the importance of voting this election.

“All I got to say is, whatever you do — go out and vote,” Phlat said

Briyannah Pearson, a senior fashion merchandising major, is a frequent goer of BUS comedy shows.

“I come to the comedy show every single year,” Pearson said. “It only gets funnier.”

Pearson added that BUS never disappoints, and congratulated the organization on another successful comedy show.

“This was so fun,” said Chayne Jordan, a junior psychology major. “This was my first time attending the comedy show since I’ve transferred to Kent State and I truly enjoyed myself.”

Jordan said it was a nice way to end Kent State’s Homecoming week.

India Said is a diversity reporter, contact her at [email protected]