Editor’s Note

Skye McEowen

Our coverage of the heroin epidemic continues into our second day, and the conversation continues as well. Again, the purpose of this coverage is to open the forum to discussion about what this problem is, how we respond to it, and how it affects us personally. 

Directly or indirectly, most of us have been touched by heroin. Our focus today, is what people are doing in response to the way this epidemic affects our lives. We’ve taken a look at what we’re facing, what it does to us physically and how we can lose someone we love to it. The question is, what now? 

Emergency responders are preparing for overdoses, while cities and schools are  working on ways to bring the epidemic to light. A part of being able to participate in constructive dialogues is to understand as many facets of it as possible.

We still believe there is work to be done, but understanding the work we are doing now will help us keep the dialogue going as we continue to flesh out a now very real fear.