Editor’s Note

Karl Schneider

Today wraps up The Kent Stater’s week-long package on the heroin epidemic. We’ve covered our local community’s efforts to fortify itself against the rising rate of overdoses and the skills and risks EMTs take each day on the front lines.

The centerpiece today plunges into the life of a recovering addict and his journey back to normalcy. His story carries a sense of hope for those who have been touched by the growing problem.

Opioid addiction has become such a prevalent issue that politicians across the state have begun to crank the engine of the legislative process. Bills are currently in the pipeline to curb the epidemic.

We plan to continue our coverage well beyond this series of articles. The permeation of this problem into everyday life requires our daily attention. We will not shy away from the despair and grief that lays in the wake of the epidemic, but we hope to shine a light on the good and hopeful stories of recovering addicts.

Karl Schneider is the senior editor, contact him at [email protected].