A Mag’s Do’s and Dont’s of hair care

Payton Moore

Do you spend money on keratin treatments and fancy curling wands? Do you watch waterfall braid tutorials on YouTube?

Or are you a dry shampoo and can’t-remember-the-last-time-I-washed-my-hair kind of girl?

Your tresses don’t have to be full of secrets, girl. A Magazine wants to fill you in on all things hair care.


Do: Use a heat protectant. We know you’re in a rush, so a blow-dryer is a must. Trust us, you don’t want frizzy, out of control hair for any occasion. Heat protectants take the hair strands and coat them in a silicone that shields hair from everyday tools. This means less breakage — aka less trips to the salon with your hairdresser harassing you over your split ends.

Don’t: Give yourself head massages. Yep, it’s relaxing, feels amazing, and actually stimulates hair growth. When you’re shampooing, add a few drops of your favorite oil (argan, coconut, or even olive oil works) and go to town. Similar to how body massages release endorphins that feel good and regulate stress levels, hair follicles need love too, in order to grow faster and healthier.

Do: Get to know your hair. Have excess oil? Use a shampoo labeled “purifying.” Do you rock your natural hair? Make sure you’re taking steps to protect it–like performing a deep conditioning before styling


Don’t: Forget to change it up. Nothing feels better than a fresh dye-job with funky colors. We’re major supporters of hair experimentation. Have you been dying to try a pixie cut? Do it! Love bangs? Chop ‘em! Hair is just hair, and it will grow back.

Don’t: Dye it all one color. Flat, non-dimensional hair isn’t a good look for anyone. If you’re getting your hair done, ask your stylist to play with warm tones and cool tones when dying your hair. Highlights and lowlights are an amazing option to allow for shine and movement in those locks.

Don’t: Wear that Ariana Grande ponytail everyday. Wonder why your hair has been falling out lately? It’s because you’re stressing your locks! Fly-aways around the face can indicate you need to take that Corinne Bailey Rae line and “let your hair down.” It’s not realistic to think you’re never going to wear your hair up but try using flat, fabric-covered elastics (ahem, a scrunchie comeback). Teeny-tiny plastic elastics are a no.