Sex-trafficking documentary brings awareness during Sex Week


Ally Thompson, freshman exploratory major, watches “Episode One: Sex Trafficking in the USA,” which is part one of the docu-series, “A Path Appears.”“I feel more educated on how some women don’t have the choice of selling themselves. I used to think they made the choice, now I know not to judge right away,” Thompson said.

Madeline Zupko

The Office of Experiential Education and Civic Engagement held “Episode One: Sex Trafficking in the USA” October 19 as an event during Kent State’s 2016 Sex Week.

Anne Victory, the education coordinator for the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking — an organization originating in Cleveland in 2007 — travelled to Kent State to speak with students about the growing sex-trafficking epidemic in Ohio.

Outreach Program Officer Alex Ulbricht also helped organize the event.

“(The Outreach program) is basically to provide you with education about social justice issues, volunteer opportunities to go out into the world and to do good in our community,” Ulbricht said.

During the event, students watched “Episode One: Sex Trafficking in the USA,” the first part of the docu-series, “A Path Appears.” The documentary told the story of multiple victims of human sex trafficking, and included graphic recalls of their experiences.

Ryan Pasquino, vice president of programming and Kent Interhall Council, said the event would be a good thing to bring to Kent State.

“I didn’t even think this kind of thing still went on … it was honestly heartbreaking,” Pasquino said.

Madeline Zupko is a general assignment reporter, contact her at [email protected].