Alumni Association plans for homecoming all year

Theresa Marr

Kent State University Alumni Association began planning this year’s homecoming activities a year in advance.

“As soon as we finish one year, we start planning the next” Laura Andrews, the assistant director of marketing for alumni relations, said. Throughout the year Andrews collaborates with alumni that own local businesses in downtown Kent.

According to Andrews, Kent State has “great community involvement this year.” Tree City Coffee, Ray’s Place and Water Street Tavern are just a few of the local businesses that volunteer to advertise Kent State Homecoming on posters and window clings.

According to alumnus Lynn Putrich, who graduated from Kent State in 1973, many of the buildings on campus and downtown have grown in size to accommodate the growing population of students.

Putrich said she looks forward to the “Blue and Gold Line Campus Tour” on Saturday to see first hand all the new beginnings Kent State is creating. After all the Homecoming festivities are over, the Alumni Association meets and recaptures the events of the day.

Board members discuss what parts of Homecoming were successful and what aspects need adjusted in order pull off a warming welcome home celebration year after year.