Kent State celebrates Constitution Day with Congressman Ryan

Gael Reyes

Kent State celebrated Constitution Day Friday by hosting a community reading of the U.S. Constitution with Ohio’s State Rep. Tim Ryan, of the 13th Congressional District, and State Rep. Kathleen Clyde, of the 75th Congressional District.

“I’m glad to be here on Constitution Day and do my part by reading a section of the constitution and just reflect with the community about how important it is to think about the values of equality and justice and all that the Constitution guarantees to all of our citizens,” Clyde said.

The event, hosted by the University Libraries, opened with the national anthem followed by a presentation of colors by the Kent State Army and Air Force ROTC.

Students, faculty and Kent community members who volunteered gathered at Risman Plaza to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The event was open to all. Students walking through campus were invited to observe the proceedings.

“I think it’s important now that we’re close to the election to host events like this on campus,” said junior political science major Scott Rainey, who stopped by to meet the congressmen.

Kent State President Beverly Warren and Rep. Ryan wrapped up the event by cutting a cake at the closing ceremony.

“I think that’s what Constitution Day reminds me of— all of our responsibility to really think about the country in which we live (and) the ideals that we need to uphold,” Warren said. “We’re really counting on you — students, leaders of tomorrow — to really remember what it means to be a citizen of this country.

The U.S. Department of Education requires that all educational institutions receiving federal funs host an educational program on the Constitution. Kent State honors this mandate with the annual reading of the Constitution.

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