A Mag’s Do’s and Don’ts: First Dates

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It’s 7 p.m., your date is picking you up at 8, and you’re likely lying face-down on your bed wondering why you committed to leaving your house when there’s a bottle of Pinot Grigio in your fridge and season six of “The Walking Dead” just debuted on Netflix.

First dates suck, but yours doesn’t have to. We’re not asking how you met because, hey, Tinder is fine if you like cringe-worthy pick up lines and severe disappointment when you see your date in person. What we are going to do is show you how to rock your first date … or how to back out quickly.


Wear something that represents you. It’s important to make a good first impression, not a fake one. If you don’t usually rock a button-up, throw on a T-shirt that fits well and your favorite pair of jeans. Love winged eyeliner? Rock it, Winehouse. Keep it fresh, clean and classy.

Keep it creative. Ladies, if this means you’re taking the reigns on the date, go for it. And guys — we’re tired of going to the movies. We can’t talk to you, we hope you don’t kiss us because our position is awkward, and our breath smells like butter and Kit Kats. Opt for a themed, home-cooked meal that you both can participate in, or go for a hike near Brandywine Falls.


Set yourself up for failure. If you don’t have an athletic bone in your body, don’t go tearing your ACL at a bowling alley. If you’re the type of dude who forgets to breathe in between bites of food, skip the Chinese buffet. And if you’re broke, skip the steakhouse and make happy hour. Pick a destination that makes sense for the both of you and leaves a lasting impression … in a good way.

Talk yourself in circles. Nobody wants to hear your “this is why we broke up” speech. It’s important to get to know each other to determine if there’s potential for something more. Listening to what your date has to say will communicate that you’re genuinely interested, not just there for a free meal.

Freak out. We promise you will live through this (or not —shout out to Ohio for literally housing every serial killer known to man). On a serious note, your date will end up fine. Have some confidence — this person thought you were cool enough to put themselves out there to take you out. If things get weird, let your date know you have to skip to help out a friend. It’s a universal lie that gently tells your date, “Hey, this isn’t going anywhere, and my bra straps are starting to dig into my ribs.”