Intramural sports offers stress-free gateway

Nicole Zahn

The stress of academics and extracurricular involvements are beginning to settle in for many students; however, many have found a healthy, time-efficient alternative that allows them to unwind from it all.

Intramural sports are recreational sports or programs in which participants compete as teams or individuals against other teams. For a varying fee, students are able to choose their own sport, team players and team name through the website IMleagues.

Kent State offers different intramural sports including flag football, softball, volleyball, basketball and indoor soccer. Teams must sign up for the sport, league and section they wish to participate in in the pro-shop at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, then register their team on the IMleagues website.

“Participating in this friendly type of competition offers benefits to busy students,” said Recreation Program Coordinator, Phelan Fletcher. “They are able to get away from their work and meet new people outside of residence halls.”

Intramural sports does not require a heavy time commitment or strenuous practices. Teams are able to choose if and when they want to practice, as well as their team and team name.

“I used to play almost every sport in high school,” said sophomore architecture and environmental design major and intramural softball player Marcus Giangiuli. “Being able to participate in intramural sports with my buddies makes me feel at home because the game isn’t as serious but it gives me a chance to step away from schoolwork for a while and exercise like I used to without going to the gym.”

For new students, Intramural sports offers a way for them to meet new people and be part of a group outside of dorms or campus events. Writer for the Psychology Today website, Charles Jacob, states that there are studies being conducted to prove that physical activity prompts the release of hormones, which increases team bonding.

“I joined intramural sports when I was just a freshman,” said senior criminal justice studies major Mike Millward. “It was one of the best decisions I ever made and led me to many new friends who I’m still close with today. Because it’s the beginning of the semester, I love meeting new people from the other teams who we play against, too.”

This spring, the Rec is offering a new game called Kin-Ball. Invented in Quebec, Kin-Ball is a sport played with a ball of four-feet in diameter and weighs two pounds, with three teams of four players. The goal of the game is to catch and control the ball before it touches the ground.

“I’m actually really excited to see what Kin-Ball is all about,” Giangiuli said. “It will allow me to see what other sports are out there and maybe meet different people.”

Intramural sports are also available to Kent State faculty, staff, and their spouses.

Nicole Zahn is the recreation and wellness reporter, contact her at [email protected].