Politics in our own backyard

Alex Delaney-Gesing

Politics this election season have hit closer to home than usual. With Ohio a critical battleground, presidential hopefuls and nominees from both sides of the political aisle have made the state a frequent stop along the campaign trail.

This past summer the Republican National Convention took place in our own figurative backyard: Cleveland. Between July and September, both Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have made it their goal to rally support among the residents of Northeast Ohio.

The Kent Stater staff has covered these political visits over the summer and into the fall semesters.

From major party candidates to third party and past presidential hopefuls, we’ve seen the majority of it. For most of us, this election year is the first in which we care; in which we’ve paid attention. We know what’s at stake. And somehow, that makes the opportunity to cover it all the more significant.

We’re documenting a year that will go down in history — regardless of the outcome. And it’s an election season not soon to be forgotten.

Alex Delaney-Gesing is a senior reporter, contact her [email protected].