Spirit Days welcome students back


09/29/16 Spirit Day

Hayley Dillow

Kent State’s School of Communication Studies and the School of Visual Communication Design hosted Spirit Days on Tuesday and Wednesday to welcome students back to the fall semester.

“We are hosting this event really just to welcome our students back to the fall semester,”said Lindsay Kuntzman, marketing and public relations communications specialist. “It is really also an opportunity for exploratory students to learn more about what our programs are about.”

Larrie King, assistant professor of VCD, said the event was a great opportunity for students of these schools to interact and get to know each other’s programs.

Student organizations were also at the events, including Glyphix, Intercultural Communications Society and Kent Communication Society. These organizations offered students from these schools a chance to get more involved.

“It’s going great. I’ve spoken to a lot of students, (and) I’ve seen a lot of students at the (communication’s) studies table. … It’s been a great day,” King said.

This is the second year for Spirit Days with VCD and Communication studies. More than 100 people stopped by Tuesday afternoon.

Students who attended the event also took part in giveaways, received more information on the programs, and got a free lunch of a hot dog and chips.

Hayley Dillow is the regionals, commuters and student affairs reporter, contact her at [email protected].