(Orientation) SIDEBAR: 5 things every commuter should remember to pack before heading to campus:

Benjamin VanHoose

  1. Charging cables, portable charger; Don’t ever risk a dying battery. Buy extra charging cables to stay permanently in your backpack so you are never without power.

  2. Headphones; Whether you prefer concealable ear buds or bulky headsets, don’t forget to bring headphones so you can enjoy your music and streaming between classes without disturbing others.

  3. Hand sanitizer; Just think how many surfaces you touch throughout a day on campus—then think how many other people touched those too. A small bottle of hand sanitizer will rescue you from countless germ close encounters.

  4. Water bottle; Save money and the environment by refilling your own bottle throughout the day. Many fountains on campus have a special option to fill up bottles, tracking how many plastic bottles are foregone in the process.

     5. Weather-appropriate gear; Check the weather before journeying to      campus. It may sound obvious, but you won’t understand until you’ve  experienced Ohio’s sporadic climate. You may as well pack jackets, gloves,  umbrellas and tank tops at all times—it’s not unheard of to endure all four  seasons in one day.