(Orientation) Flashcard, Flashcash allow students access to Kent’s offerings

Jenna Kuczkowski

The Flashcard, Kent State’s student ID, is your lifeline while in Kent. The free card, available in the Flashcard Office in the Student Center, is useful for purchasing food, earning rewards and admittance into events and games.

Flashcards can be preloaded with two types of currency: university dining plans and Flashcash.

Meal plans apply to most Dining Services restaurants on campus, and Flashcash works as money at various locations throughout the city.

With Flashcash, you are also able to pay for things at the University Bookstore, the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, the library and many other spots on campus.

Off-campus though, you can use your Flashcash to purchase things like food and groceries at participating locations around Kent and some of the surrounding areas.

Think of it as a debit card, a useful all-in-one card to buy copies in the library, a snack in downtown Kent and a ticket to a university sporting event.

Joseph Cassidy, a junior business major, said he uses the Flashcash on his card frequently.

“It’s convenient for printing and stuff like that,” Bernstein said. “Plus, whenever I go downtown I can use it at Fresco or even Walgreens.”

Even if you don’t have Flashcash, many surrounding business in the area will offer a slight student discount when you show your Flashcard. Some may advertise the discount near the register, but it never hurts to ask if they have one.

Throughout the school year, Kent State will put on hundreds of different events and activities on campus that are free to all Kent State students. At almost every event on campus you will be able to swipe your Flashcard to earn Flashperks on your account and eventually get rewards like free prizes.

“Getting Flashperks on my Flashcard at events really racks up,” said Joanna Levin, a freshman public relations major. “My friend even won a hat and other Kent State swag.”

Students can earn Flashperks at events like Real Late Reels in the KIVA every weekend and various Kent State sporting events.

Your Flashcard can also unlock some of the special privileges that come with going to Kent State. Places like the Rec Center require you to have your Flashcard to use the facilities. You also need your student ID to do things like pick up packages, rent materials from the library and to enter the library after 11 p.m.

Levin said she advises students to keep their ID with them, especially because of the constant possibility of surprise quizzes.

“When we have Scantron quizzes in class, you (always need to know your student ID) number, so if you have the card, it’s right there for you,” Levin said. “That’s probably one of the most important uses for the card.”

With so many uses and perks, remember to always keep your Flashcard handy for when you need it on or off campus.