Four Local Import Grocery Stores You Need to Check Out

Rich Egnot

LeGuo Asian Market

Located in the Plaza Shopping Center near Kent Plaza Theaters, this narrow store carries a variety of imported goods from around Asia ranging from frozen vegetables and various spices to toothpaste, with most products geared towards Chinese and Japanese tastes. Products of note include a selection of Pocky biscuit candy in various flavors, as well as durian-flavored hard candies; the latter are often featured on food-centric Youtube channels like Wreckless Eating due to their unique taste.

Food Market

Only a few doors down the sidewalk from LeGuo Asian Market is the simply-named Food Market.

Cashier Jenny Dong, a native of China, explained the store’s selection of goods as being, “from China, Korea, and Japanese.” The store’s inventory comprises many common staples of Chinese cuisine, spices, canned bamboo shoots and other produce.

China Garden Asian Market

Attached to Yummy Garden restaurant is China Garden Asian Market, a small store containing many elements of Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine, as well as a collection of snack cookies, crackers and chips, some with unique names such as “Lonely God” seaweed chips, and “Love of Office Lady” cookies with a peach filling. Their few coolers contain Chinese drinks including various flavors of aloe juice, and a freezer contains frozen pork buns, a common Chinese breakfast and snack food.

Morris’s International Market (African Mart)

The only African store in the area, Morris’s International Market carries a wide variety of staple foods from around the African continent, focusing primarily on cuisine from West Africa. Starches like banku, kenkey and pounded yam are available, as are canned ingredients, rounded out with a shelf of African herbal medicines.

Products range in origin, many are produced in the West African nations of Ghana or Nigeria, with others from Liberia, Kenya, and Cameroon.

The store also carries several British products, which store owner Wouryouwon Morris explained are popular imports in West Africa, including his native Liberia. Among these are Lucozade soda, Ribena black currant juice, and some varieties of British-made disinfectant soap.