Caleigh Marten

Kent State University honored three Kent State University faculty members in the 2016 Outstanding Research and Scholarship Award ceremony, held at the University Library on April 5.

According to the press release from the research office, the recipients of the 2016 award are Richard Ferdig, Ph.D., instructional technology professor; Joel Hughes, Ph.D., psychology professor, and Polycarp A. Ikuenobe, Ph.D., philosophy professor.

Paul E. DiCorleto Ph.D., vice president of research, said  the ceremony serves the purpose of, “…recognizing outstanding research and scholarship.”

We can’t honor all of the research at the university each year but we are able to make a presentation yearly to recognize three individuals,” DiCorleto said.


The vice president of research said the award was created by a joint sponsorship program, and the research and provost office.

“The selection process is run by the University Research Council, who receive nominations and then select among the nominees and there were many outstanding nominees this year,” DiCorleto said.

At the ceremony the recipients receive both a plaque and a financial award— but the amount they receive was not disclosed, DiCorleto said.

“All three of the recipients made powerful statements about their achievements and how they often happen through a collaborative effort,” DiCorleto. “It reinforced the idea that collaborative, multidisciplinary research is a great direction to go when trying to have significant accomplishments in the research world.”


       For  more information on the professor’s research and accomplishments visit the links below:

Ferdig:  http://www.kent.edu/ehhs/ldes/itec/profile/dr-richard-ferdig

Hughes:  http://www.kent.edu/psychology/profile/joel-w-hughes

Ikuenobe:  http://www.kent.edu/philosophy/profile/polycarp-ikuenobe