Eastway Café hosts a Brazilian Night

Julie Riedel

Wednesday April 13, Eastway Café hosted a Brazilian Night from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.  At the dining event traditional Brazilian dishes such as Bauru a beef and melted cheese sandwich, XuXu picante a spicy chayote squash, and Bolo Brigadeiro a Brazilian chocolate cake and many other dishes.

“I really enjoy it, from a culinary standpoint it gives us an opportunity to research a different culture and make excellent cuisine for the students and for me it’s an opportunity for the students to feel like they are at home,” said Timothy Wright, Assistant Director University Dining Services “It warms my heart when a student comes back and say’s this is just like my person at home, my grandma or my mom, this is spot on, or even if they tell us something isn’t quite what it should be, how we can improve it for next time […] we want it to be like home for everyone.”

In addition to traditional foods the Eastway Café was decorated with colorful flowerpots on the tables as well as sheets of white paper with the word hola written on it and with crayons to color on. Large paper flowers were also placed around the café. Specialty drinks like the Assorted Yerba Mate, a passion fruit, pomegranate and citrus drink, were served in martini style glasses, to enhance the cultural dining experience. Traditional music was also played.

“I’ve always been interested in Brazilian culture, I’m a big fan of their soccer team, and I’m a big foodie so I’m interested in their food as well.” said Amir Mansour, junior integrated life science major.

The Brazilian Night was one of 15 special dining events planned for the spring semester. Students who attended the Brazilian Night received the opportunity to experience Brazilian food and culture as well as receiving 300 flashperks.

“Something like what the dining services is doing for us [International Student and Scholar Services] is always much appreciated by us, because it’s really an attempt, an outreach attempt by the university itself to kind of welcome in the international students and kind of respect that they’re here.” said Mike Taylor, Marketing and Communications Specialist for the Office of Global Education.

Currently KSU has 30 Brazilian students, which is less than the 51 students the fall 2015 semester had.

“I am really excited because it is Brazilian night, and all my friend are going to be there and I love my country.” said Beatrice da Costa, freshman international exchange student from Brazil studying fashion.