Students reflect on Warren’s cancer diagnosis


Jamil Garrison, sophomore construction management major, Quinlan Joseph, sophomore aeronautics and Mason Storm, exploratory freshman, in the Hub on Thursday, April 7, 2016.

Payton Moore

After Kent State President Beverly Warren announced to the university Thursday that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, #BevStrong emerged on Twitter. The hashtag, a movement for support during Warren’s absence, allows students to tweet well-wishes at Warren.

Warren stated in a university-wide email that while doctors caught the cancer at an early stage, she will be reducing her public schedule during her diagnosis. Many students said if they could do one thing for Warren during this time, they would give her a hug.

“It’s hard news, but I would mainly try to support her like she supports the Kent State students and staff,” said Mason Storm, a freshman general  business major. “I’d try and comfort her because that’s a lot to deal with.”

Quinlan Joseph, a sophomore aeronautics major, would tell Warren to never let the cancer slow her down from doing her job.

“She’s been able to help us continue our college education, so she can do the exact same thing that we’ve been taught by her to do. She should take her own teachings into her (recovery),” Joseph said.

Kahla Fury, a junior nursing major, said her first reaction to hearing the news was to relate it to her studies in an oncology ward in a hospital where she studies.

“It’s so sad to see someone who is so loved at our campus have to go through something traumatic,” Fury said. “It’s probably really difficult for her to take a leave. I hope she puts her health first and focuses on getting better … we’re all here to support her.”

Jill Sykes, a sophomore exploratory major, mentioned some of the things she would do if she was in Warren’s place.

“I know people that get diagnosed and don’t do anything, (just) they sit at home, and that’s what brings them down,” Sykes said. “She needs to keep her spirits high and interact with people.”

Sykes agreed that at this time, a leave for Warren is a good option.

“If she is getting surgery, she needs to spend time with her family and friends. And when she gets back on her feet, (she should) come back. She knows we’re all here for her,” Sykes said.

Maranda Gluck, a junior nursing major, said students at Kent State couldn’t be happier that Warren has done a great job at being president, and that none of (the students) would ever want her to see the cancer overcome her.

Gluck, Joseph and Storm all mentioned they’ve had family and friends that have dealt with cancer. What comes to mind for them, however, are the words fight, struggle, and as Storm mentioned, optimism.

“I know what it’s like to see someone that you look up be lost. That’s something this university doesn’t need. We need someone to look up to. This campus can’t lose her.”

Payton Moore is a senior reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].