Our View: Keep concealed carry at a minimum

In November 2015, the Ohio House passed House Bill 48 to be approved by the Senate that same month. While the bill remains there, the contents of the bill are controversial to many.

The bill would allow for the extension of conceal carry laws into institutions of higher education, aircraft, specific government facilities, public areas of airport terminals, police stations and school safety zones. The bill would also allow for sheriffs to use revenue from concealed handgun license fees in order to purchase firearms and ammunition.

The bill has been met with several protests, specifically from Oberlin City earlier this month. The city council passed a resolution opposing the bill.

Should the bill pass, universities that allow it would give people the right to have guns on campus.

There is a polarized opinion on the topic, the one in favor stating people would feel safer to have a means of protection as long as the gun is handled carefully and properly.

The other side argues it would be too dangerous to allow anyone who can get a gun to have it on campus, since they could be unpredictable.

At the very least, the bill should shorten its list of where concealed carry should be allowed, like day cares.

Overall, we feel there would be too much at risk allowing someone to be on campus with a gun. Even if they legally acquired the gun and had a conceal-carry, that person’s intentions could still be unpredictable.