USG Profile: Brian Brown

Name: Brian Brown 

Position you’re running for: Senator of the College of Business 

Year and major: freshman, general business

Hometown: Akron, Ohio 

What makes you a representative of the student body?

Being a student, I deal with the same things as the students in the College of Business, so I feel like I can serve as a positive voice.

What will be your top priority if elected?

Finding opportunities for the College of Business students to gain experience in the fields that they wish to go into. 

What do you think can be improved on with USG and the campus in general?

Giving the minorities of campus more of a voice in the decisions that are being made. 

How will USG handle the growing prominence of diversity-related issues on campus?

By sitting down with students who are in the minority and talking about ways to make Kent State more appealing and welcoming to minorities, then going out and delivering on the things that have been discussed.