Importance of Kent State’s USG

Vote for USG

Vote for USG

Max Fleck

Voting for Undergraduate Student Government positions at Kent State began today at 7 am.

 All 25 positions are up for election ranging from The Director of Programming, who is in charge of booking artists to come to Kent State, Director of Student Involvement, who creates transparency between the 400 on campus organizations and the students, and the Executive Director who oversees all of USG.

 “USG is basically the Student Government body for the students, to be the liaison between the faculty, the city,” said Kevin Otubu, current Programming Director.

“Basically if you ever encounter a problem, USG is where you can come to because we have different positions that are different avenues for people to come to help resolve any issues they have,” said Otubu.

Each member of USG is on a faculty committee. Current Executive Director Brian Cannon said this allows for the student body to receive a voice.

“We’re on those committess giving the student opinion and giving our student experiences,” said Cannon.

Also on the ballot this year is a charter referendum that will allow for the eight regional campuses to gain student governments of their own.

Cannon believes that this will only aid student government.

“We are all one Kent State. So we’re not the main campus, we’re the Kent campus,” Cannon said. “It maximizes our potential as a student government and allows us to potentially do bigger in the future.”

The polls will reopen tomorrow at 7 am and close officially at 7 pm. You can vote at