Twelve students visit Poland over spring break

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Submitted Photo

Keri Richmond

Last week, students spent the week off from classes for Spring Break. Some students made their way down to Florida, some enjoyed a relaxing week at home and some students made their way to Poland.

Twelve students visited Poland last week as part of a study abroad program. This opportunity was offered through the one credit course entitled: “Perception and Remembrance: The Holocaust Representations in Poland.”

Chaya Kessler, the director of the jewish studies program said she hoped that students experienced the emotional feelings of the trip and learned the stories of victims and survivors of the Holocaust.

During the trip students visited museums, listened to speakers and met with Survivors and Righteous among the Nations. They spent time in Warsaw, Krakow and Auschwitz-Birkenau.

A couple specific stops included the Schindler’s Factory, a factory that is most famous for employing jews and saving them from being murdered during the Holocaust. As well as the book of names, a book that lists Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Kessler found members of her family in the book of names on last year’s spring break trip.

“As time goes on many first hand survivors are dying,” Kessler said, “once you are there and you see it firsthand, you will never be able to think it never happened.”

One particular student on the trip had a personal connection as her grandparents were survivors of the Holocaust.

The group returned on Saturday and will now work on a final project putting together a piece to reveal their perceptions and remembrance of the Holocaust based off their experiences on the trip.

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