USG Profile: Natalia Roman

Name: Natalia Roman

Position you’re running for: Director of Academic Affairs

Year and major: junior, communication studies 

Hometown: Bayamon, Puerto Rico

What makes you a representative of the student body?

I have been able to connect with a wide range of people during my three years at Kent State. As a female Latina student leader, I am familiar with what it is like being part of a minority on campus and the kinds of issues we need resolved in order for our underrepresented populations to feel valued and respected.

What will be your top priority if elected?

To raise awareness of the academic programs available on campus for our different kinds of students. With all the resources available for us, it’s easy to have an information overload. I want to make sure our students are not only successfully matriculating, but that they have the academic support to graduate and excel during their time here. 

What do you think can be improved on with USG and the campus in general?

I think USG can be improved with a more diverse representative body. Even though the number of international students running for elected positions has increased for this election, we can still do better by encouraging diverse populations to run for student office and explaining the process to them.

How will USG handle the growing prominence of diversity-related issues on campus?

I think the more we actively try to speak up about these issues and make the campus culture not about tolerance, but about coexistence, we will improve. These processes take time, but with President Beverly Warren’s mission being to foster diversity on campus, and with Kent State’s strong push for improvement on these issues, USG can become a powerful force in enacting our president’s plan of action.