USG Profile: Andrew Pieri

Erin Zaranec

Name: Andrew Pieri

Position: Director of Business and Finance

Year, Major: junior, business management major 

Hometown: Fairport, New York 

 1. What makes you representative of the student body?

 Since I started at Kent State I always wanted to be involved and have a leadership role. First, I joined Greek life as a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity and then Undergraduate Student Government (USG) on the allocations committee. I believe I am a good representative of the student body because of my involvement on campus at Kent State and my drive to improve the growth and branding of the university. I am here to represent the student body as a whole and fund conferences, activities, and programs that will enrich all Kent State’s campuses and reputation. 

 2. What will be your top priority once elected?

  My top priority will be to foster awareness to every eligible campus organization / individuals about the valuable opportunities that the allocations request process has to offer. I will be working with the Director of Communications to promote allocations over social media, drive the allocations program calendar, and personally reaching out to leaders of organizations to educate them on the opportunities that allocations has offer for undergrads. 

 3. What do you think can be improved on with USG and campus in general?

One issue I have with campus is the relationship between alumni and the Career Services office. From talking to students at other schools and comparing their career services programs to Kent State, there needs to be changes and improvement with our program. I feel as though there is not enough direct job placement for Kent State students and leveraging alumni. This can be improved by communicating and requesting greater involvement with our alumni base. Activities such as holding more alumni events, putting more experienced staffing and resources into the career services program, and outlining the strategy will drive the change.   

4. How will USG handle the growing prominence of diversity-related issues on campus?

I think we are making progress with the new gender-neutral housing and bathrooms on campus. It is all about catering to the needs of every student on campus and giving opportunities to students to voice their opinions. I think that USG is a great way for students to get their message out there to the students and voice their opinions about what they stand for and want for Kent State.