Preparation for the Black Squirrel 5k Starts Early


Participants in the Kent State University Black Squirrel 5K begin the course at 8 AM on April 13. Photo by Adrianne Bastas.

Brianna Figley - Recreation and Wellness Center Reporter email at [email protected]

The Kent State University Student Recreation and Wellness Center is once again hosting the Black Squirrel 5k. Although the event isn’t until April 9, participants are already starting to prepare.

Andrea Faller, an alumnus from Kent State, is returning to her alma mater to run in the race with her college roommate. The two originally started running in the Bowman Cup 5k, which led them to the Black Squirrel race. Faller and her roommate are now excited to start the tradition of running in both Kent State races.

“This is the first time I’ve run the Black Squirrel 5k,” Faller said.  “I actually registered as a pact with my sophomore roommate, Clarissa. After we graduated and I moved back home to the Dayton area, we went two years without seeing each other and decided that was just too long. We started a tradition of running the Bowman Cup 5k, which is how we discovered the Black Squirrel 5k. It gives my best friend and I an excuse to meet and have fun in a healthy way, which is definitely a success for me.”

Faller is now doing her best to train for the Black Squirrel race.

“I usually try to get to the gym several times a week to work on cardio,” Faller said. “It’s been a process getting back into the swing of running again, but I’m hopeful.”

Registration for the Black Squirrel 5k is now open at The event will be held at the Kent State Student Recreation and Wellness Center on April 9 at 8 a.m.