Students spend spring break at home

Jacob Ruffo

For some students, spring break is a trip to Florida with family and friends; for others, spring break is just some well-earned time off. Unfortunately, for some students, spring break is only a break from classes, as work and other responsibilities can keep a student from enjoying their break fully.

One student, Kristin Discerni, a senior translation major, won’t have much free time over her break. “I might get to go home and see my family for three days or so,” she said. “I have a job here that keeps me busy, so I’ll mostly just be working.”

Discerni said she works for the Akron Beacon Journal and that she only has those three days off of work during that week.

“I want to shoot my bow and ride one of our motorcycles,” Discerni said when asked what she planned to do with her potential time off.

Discerni said she plans to work on some papers during break while she’s here in Kent.

Another student, Sevaste Kontokanis, a freshman psychology major, has a less busy break planned.

“I’m not going anywhere for spring break,” Kontokanis said. “That was never really something my family did, so it’s still not really something I do.”

Kontokanis plans to go home and relax, taking advantage of not having any set plans. 

“I don’t have anything planned, at all. I will probably see some friends from home, but other than that I’ll just hang out with my family,” Kontokanis said.

Freshman political science major Chazz Ware said he’s upset that a spring break vacation with friends was not possible.

“Kent State’s spring break does not line up with any other schools around here, so a lot of my friends are just in classes all week,” Ware said. “I’m going to be home for a week, but all of my friends will be at school, so I won’t get to spend a lot of time with them — if I get to spend any at all.”

Instead of going on a trip, Ware said he plans to work a couple days. Even though she won’t get to see her friends, he said the time off will be nice.  

Jacob Ruffo is the student life reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].