Our View: Andrews’ verdict set tone for future cases

On Tuesday, March 8, sportscaster and television personality Erin Andrews won $55 million in a lawsuit against her stalker. The details of this case are alarming.

Andrews was followed and watched by a man while staying in the privacy of her hotel room. She was covering an event in Nashville for ESPN. This occurrence brings about concerns for a journalist’s safety, and the emotional toll Andrews faced as a victim can be a frightening thing to think about, but the fact that she was allotted $55 million dollars send a clear statement.

Journalists at her level are public figures as well and can, sadly, open themselves up to the possibility of these events occurring. However, that seems like a large amount for a stalking case, but sets the tone for the future.

This type of verdict could set a standard for future cases that mirror Andrews’ situation. Stalking is a serious offense and encouraging it by promoting the actions on social media only makes things worse. By awarding Andrews with such a large sum sends a message; a message saying that the the judicial system will not tolerate these type of actions.