New restroom policy continues gender inclusive initiatives


The Student Center has several gender-neutral restrooms, seen here on the third floor.

Charleah Trombitas

The 4.2 Restroom Policy has been removed from Kent State’s Residence Services Hallway Handbook to align with Kent State’s gender inclusive initiatives.

The policy stated students of a specific gender are only allowed to be in the restroom of that assigned gender, according to Residence Hall Director Diane Platton. For example, only females are permitted in the female restroom and only males are permitted in the male restroom.

“The policy has been removed so students who are transitioning, or identify as a gender other then the one with which they were born, have the opportunity to use the bathroom for which they feel comfortable,” Platton said. “(Students) can use the restroom for whatever gender with which they identify.”

Though the policy has been removed from the handbook, it does not give residents the right to allow whomever they wish into any bathroom, Platton said.

To read the Hallways Handbook, visit:

Charleah Trombitas is an activities reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].