Fashion Student Organization to host annual Goodwill Styling Competition

Taylor Pierce

The Fashion Student Organization (FSO) will be hosting its annual Goodwill Styling Competition at the Fashion School in the Rockwell Auditorium starting at 8 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 26.

This styling competition gives members of FSO the chance to submit up to three different styled looks. They are only allowed to use pieces they find at thrift stores with the only exception being shoes.  

Tickets are $10, and can be purchased in Rockwell Hall from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and before the show starts.

Hannah Gates, president of FSO, said that the concept of this competition is to focus on who is able to create the most unique look with limited materials.

“The idea of this styling competition is to keep the focus away from who spent the most money, and instead shine a light on who was able to put together a unique look based on what they could find,” Gates said. 

According to Gates, the styling competition has a different theme each year to help inspire competitors as they are trying to create new looks.

“Every year, we have a different theme and this year we have chosen “Fashion Meets Film.’” “This theme encourages participants to style a look inspired by a specific movie or film genre,” Gates said.

Judges will be awarding prizes upon the conclusion of the show for the best-styled look and the top model featured in the competition.

This year the judging panel will consist of a Fashion School professor, a Fashion School and FSO Alumni and the President of the Kent State University Independent Film Club.

For more information visit the FSO website,

Taylor Pierce is a fashion reporter for The Kent Stater, contact her at [email protected]