Psych services offers depression screenings

Justin Niedenthal

Kent State Psychological services offers various tools to help students maintain their mental health during stress filled times.

According to data from Kent State’s National depression screening day, held October 9th 2015, 394 students attended for an in-person mental health evaluation.

However this can be done anytime online.

“There is a link on the Kent State Psychological services website that allows someone to take a depression screening test at anytime. The test covers anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder. Tests provide a screening not a diagnosis,” said Pamela Farer-Singleton PhD , Chief Psychologist Kent State University health services.

Depression can be very different than seasonal depression and screenings can help a person determine which may be affecting them . Seasonal depression, often referred to as seasonal affective disorder, relates to the change in seasons and occurs at the same time each year.

According to the, treatments for Seasonal Affect disorder include photo thearpy and light therapy and in extreme cases medication is needed

“I don’t see to many people who are just seasonally depressed “ said Farer- Singleton

This is the fourth year psychological services has provided mental health screening online for students faculty and staff.   The Dewesse Health Center is the official on campus psychological services facility and they have licensed professionals to speak with.  

A common treatment for depression is cognitive behavioral therapy , where students are encouraged to look at the way their thoughts affect their behavior.

“Living a balanced life and setting reasonable expectations for yourself can help prevent onsets of depression. Beyond that simple things like getting enough sleep and eating well can also help reduce symptoms” said Farer- Singleton

Mental Health Screening tools can be found at the Kent State Psychological Services Webpage.