Health Watch: Feb. 5, 2016


The newscast talent wore red today in support of ‘National Wear Red Day’ for women’s heart health awareness. 


After Field High School in Mogadore closed earlier this week due to a large number of student illnesses, TV2 Reporter Kristen Anzuini looked into tips to stay healthy during cold and flu season. 

Anzuini found out the best way to stay healthy is to avoid close contact with sick people, cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze, wash your hands with soap and water, and disinfect frequently used surfaces.

The C-D-C recommends getting a flu vaccine every year to protect against the virus.

It’s the first Friday of February, also known as ‘National Wear Red Day.’

One in three women die each year from heart related diseases, and the ‘Go Red for Women’ movement has helped raise awareness about heart disease and strokes since 2003. 

Finally, growing concerns over the Zika virus have put pregnant women on high alert. 

Scientists have recently discovered the virus in saliva and urine, bringing up more concerns about the spread and potential to cause infection. 

More than 20 countries have now declared health emergencies because of the Zika virus.