Lower gas prices have positive impact on commuters

Miranda Zoloty

Gas prices continue to remain under $2.00 in the Kent and surrounding areas, and according to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gage Report, well under the national average of $1.71 per gallon as well.

Eric Dyne, a neurosciences major graduate student, commutes to Kent State’s Kent campus from Parma three days a week, and these low gas prices have had a positive effect on his commute.

“I chose to be a commuter because I am not localized in one place as a graduate student,” said Dyne. “Suppose I did all my classes and graduate work in the Kent area, then I would have considered a apartment.”

Dyne says that he knew his research was going to be in Cleveland, so it was more feasible to live in Parma.

I drive a Hummer H2 that gets around 11 mpg,” Dyne said. “I filled up this week in Northfield on my commute in, and I only paid $1.28.”

Dyne said that between the drive to his home in Parma, field work at the Cleveland Clinic and classes in Kent, the low gas prices have saved him a bundle of money.

“Last month, I spent around $300 on gas. Mind you, I drive to and from Kent three (out) of the five weekdays, and four to the Cleveland Clinic,” Dyne said. “And I am a bit of of social bird, so I get out a lot.”

Dyne says that $240 of his monthly $300 gas bill is related to academic commuting.

Freshman early childhood education major, Carly Wilson, says that the commute from Stow to main campus isn’t bad, but she also has classes at two of the regional campuses.

“My car is a piece of crap and this is really taking a toll on it,” said Wilson.

Aside from the wear and tear on her vehicle, Wilson says that commuting with these low gas prices help save her money in the long run.

One year ago today, AAA states that the average regular gas price was $2.30.

When asked if she would be willing to commute if gas prices were to rise above $2.00 again, Wilson was passionate about what her and her car could handle.

“I would commute to the main campus for sure since the drive isn’t bad,” said Wilson. “As far as Twinsburg, I would only want one class a week there. Geauga campus, no way.”

Dyne shares similar views.

“If it goes over three dollars, I would invest in a better car,” he said.

Miranda Zoloty is an apartment and commuter reporter. Contact her at [email protected]