Performing Arts Library hosts open mic lunch

Kimberly Laferty

An open mic lunch was hosted at Kent State’s Performing Arts Library on Friday to showcase talent from seven performers. 

With over 30 people in attendance, performances incorporated instrumental music from cello, violin, piano, guitar and vocals. 

The first performance of the event was Java Murniadi, a health communications major and doctoral candidate. Murniadi played on the piano and sang a piece called ‘Zuzan,’ inspired by a hospitalized painter who never got to be outside.

The song’s context held special meaning for Murniadi.

“Seeing life from her perspective … we can learn from her,” Murniadi said. “You could still make beautiful things even if you live your life differently.”  

The Tierradentro String Quartet, a group of four chamber music graduate students from the School of Music, performed three songs together and two of the performed alone. The quartet played songs by Ludwig van Beethoven, Felix Mendelssohn and Alberto Ginastera.

Daniel Socha, a communication studies graduate student, performed two cover songs: “Sweet Isolation” by Nathan Reich and “Got My Mojo Workin’ ” by Muddy Waters.

Socha said that he practiced a lot for his performance and had a lot of fun performing.

Socha also offered advice for student artists interested in performing at   the Open Mic Lunch.

“Just do it,” Socha said. “It’s a really nice place if you want to do your art.”

Joe Clark, head of the Performing Arts Library, had only one word for the performances: outstanding.

Clark said that there was a nice variety of performances.

“We had music from (the 1600s) to contemporary,” Clark said. “It was a nice span (of) instruments.”

The next Open Mic Lunch will be held in room D-004 of the Center for Performing Arts on April 1. Anyone who wants to perform can contact the Performing Arts Library at [email protected]  

Kimberly Laferty is the libraries reporter for The Kent Stater, contact her at [email protected].