SIDE BAR – Robotics Team remains strong through relocations

Jenna Kuczkowski

While the Kent State Robotics Team has designed and built robots together since the fall semester of 2014, they’ve also done a significant amount of moving around.

Dan Kish, the president of the Kent State Robotics Team, said the team was first housed in lab space within the college of engineering’s building, then the team was moved to the Research One building across the street. Finally, they recently moved into the old glass lab located in the Schwartz Center.

Shin-Min Song, the faculty advisor for the robotics team, said the team spends a lot of its time and energy relocating all their equipment, tools and supplies from one building to the next.

“They spend half of their energy just to move their things,” Song said. “You have to be able to keep up the passion and energy levels in a group like this, but if they’re always putting effort into moving, it’s tough to do sometimes.”

Now that the team is situated in the old glass lab, Song hopes they will be able to stay there permanently. In the past the university has only let the team use space temporarily.

“If the university lets us continue to use the old glass lab as our permanent base, I think the area is big enough,” said Song.

Without the university’s support, the team might be at risk of losing the space, making them unable to sustain new members, Song said.

“We will see if we can keep this space for a longer time,” Song said. “Then maybe we can add more new members and take on new projects in the future.”